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Miami - Dade County License E99300           




   Thank You for visiting our company website . C and F Asphalt Sealcoat has been serving the Miami - Dade County communities since 1999. 

   We offer services to repair , sealcoat , and stripe parking lots. Please call us at (305) 969-0022 to schedule your free estimate with a company representative. We will walk the property with you and listen to your needs and concerns. With over twenty years in the pavement maintenance business we can help in making your parking lot or community roads look great.

   After your estimate we will email you a proposal package containing your proposal , references with phone numbers , certificate of insurance , license , product brochure , and related materials.

   Our company works on weekends and we can schedule work to be performed on a holiday. For large sealcoating projects we will design and schedule a sealcoat plan with you to provide a smooth and hassle free experience. We offer door to door flyer notifications when sealcoating large communities such as home owner associations.

   Thank You
                                                                               We Recycle .
                                                           The asphalt our company removes from repairing parking lots is 
                                                                         delivered to a local asphalt manufacture company for recycling. The recycled
                                                                 asphalt is used  in roads and highways required by local , state , and government projects.



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